An architect's day one job is to know the organization

Value-driven business transformation with hypothesis-driven development

Why Hypothesis Driven Development?

Organizations are forced to react to a couple of critical challenges that evolved during the last decade

  • The high volume and velocity of changes in the business landscape make the software requirement itself agile…

It was quite a bit learning from different sources to launch my first personal website with Google Kubernetes Engine and Wordpress. It’s worthwhile to document the knowledge for the community to benefit.

Let’s start by exploring the API gateway architecture pattern and then slowly deep dive into the details of running a production-grade Kong API gateway.

Microservices are not the answer to all the problems. It’s the job of an architect, to understand the context and identify the tradeoffs to build a story on monolith vs microservice

The developers, application/cluster operators, architects, and security team wants to contribute to the Kubernetes YAML continuously to keep the Infrastructure matching to the evolving organization strategy and policy, which demands a workflow.

Continuous GitOps, the new age DevOps practice to increase the delivery velocity by achieving an end to end “Git source of truth” with Zero manual changes into the Kubernetes cluster 🏄

Customize the YAML’s to enforce policies from application operators, security operators, and cluster operators. ✊

Arun Ramakani

#ContinuousDevOps #Kubernetes #Microservices #CloudNativeApps #DevOps #Agile

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